Meet the Team


Founder / Director

“Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved throwing a great party. After establishing myself as a performer, I started throwing events around the Twin Cities. I worked closely with countless artists, performers, and builders to put together spectacular, immersive productions that provided people with unforgettable experiences. These events were so unique, it didn’t take long for the word to spread and soon people started contacting our crew to perform at their own events. Thus, Enticing Entertainment was born! I quit my real estate career to fully committo growing this entertainment family. We started with less than 10 performers, but now our company has grown to over 120 performers and staff! And we’re still growing! We’re constantly expanding our cast and crew, our repertoire, and perfecting our acts! Enticing Entertainment has become what I always dreamed of. Now that the dream is alive, the possibilities are endless. Enticing Entertainment has taught me that the only limit is your imagination.”


Artistic Director

“People often ask how I became the pint-size powerhouse I am today… My parents say I’ve been an artist since I could hold a brush, but I’ve always had a creative spirit. My artistic journey started as a blank canvas – full of endless possibilities. Most artists focus on a single craft, but I wanted to do it all! I had a clear vision, but no obvious career path. So I set out to build one! I immersed myself in a diverse community of artists from across the globe; working with the circus, studying theatre and performance art, AV and stage design, creating costumes, and working as a world-class body painter. Both my canvasses and my vision had come to life! With each new inspiration, each stroke of the brush, Enticing Entertainment has become my masterpiece, a community of artists capable of bringing dreams to life.”