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Set / Strike Crew

As a set/strike crew member, you will be responsible for transporting and assembling staging and other props as defined in the set/strike procedures worksheets. This position requires you to work both before and after the event. Often times set/strike crew will take on a handler’s job responsibilities which will happen during the event.

Set / Strike Crew

Position: Part-Time

As a Set/Strike Crew Member, you will be responsible for transporting/ assembling staging, performance apparatus’, and other props used in our shows. Often times, set/strike crew are given the opportunity to take on additional showtime stage management responsibilities for additional pay if desired.


  • Must have a working phone and email account
  • Have a valid license
  • Efficient driving with a trailer
  • 18+ year old
  • Able to lift a minimum 50 lbs
Set / Strike Crew Application
Builders / Designers / Fabricators


Builders / Designers

Position: Part-Time

We are looking for builders with multiple different trade skills including engineers, carpentry and welding. We take pride in invating new never been seen props and appuratuses.

Builder / Designer Application
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